Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parable of the Pearl

Our most recent Sunday School lesson was about the parables in Matthew 13, one of my favorite chapters in the New Testament. It gave me the idea to share one of my favorite parables that I heard on my mission, which was first told by Pres. Packer in the April 2000 General Conference. This may be my shortest blog to date, but I think it has a good message regardless:

A merchant man seeking precious jewels found at last the perfect pearl. He had the finest craftsman carve a superb jewel box and line it with blue velvet. He put his pearl of great price on display so others could share his treasure. He watched as people came to see it. Soon he turned away in sorrow. It was the box they admired, not the pearl. Now I ask a question: What could the box and the pearl represent to you?


  1. Okay- I have one thought. Sometimes we put more effort into what we are surrounded by then by what we are inside. We worry about our nails instead of others needs, we concern ourselves with granite counter-tops instead of granite testimonies, we focus on the back yard that needs cleaning instead of the thoughts that need cleaned up. We too often only seen what men can do- temporal things and miss the pearls in our lives. The spiritual gifts from our Father in Heaven-pearls of wisdom or of great price.

  2. After reading Ginger's thoughts, I think I should refocus my energy just a bit. I'm going to let that question bounce around in my head for a bit.