Saturday, November 13, 2010

Props to My Sis

For those of you who visit my blog and marvel at how nice it looks, don't give credit to me. The only thing I had to do with it was the name, but the credit for the layout and design must go to Kenz and her creative skills. My only hope is that I can avoid laziness and keep it looking this good. And yes, this is my first post in 2 months....


  1. I think you owe her dinner - and more than one. Go Rudy!

  2. Nice work McFrenzy! I like. Okay Ike, keep us informed.

  3. Very nice. Keep blogging. It is wonderful to hear your thoughts ans share your moments.
    Nice work sis.
    P.S. I am especially fond of your quote of the week. :-)

  4. Wow, you must have a really good sister.