Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why am I blogging at 1 AM?!?!

Because I'm not quite tired enough to fall asleep. Not a very concrete reason, and I'm sure I'll hear about this from the parents. Hey, Kenz is still awake too! Anyway, I had meant to post this earlier but didn't get around to it, so I guess this is as good a time as any, right? My dad and I attended a fireside this evening featuring members of the BYU football team, including Coach Bronco Mendenhall. I was very aware of their tradition for doing these firesides, but never actually got to go until tonight because our stake was among those invited to attend. All I can say is that it was everything I thought it would be plus a lot more. The mission of BYU is unique from every other school in the country, and as Coach Mendenhall pointed out, the football team is the most visible part of that. Not the most important, but the most visible. Notice the difference. As many if not all of you are aware, BYU recently announced their intention to become independent in football and join the West Coast Conference in all other sports. It is too early to see what will result from this, especially considering the move doesn't become  official until next year. Suffice it to say, though, I believe this move will help BYU to further their REAL message, which is of course centered in the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Coach Mendenhall shared an interesting stat during his remarks, and that is that 90% of student athletes who attend BYU list their number 1 reason for choosing the school as being faith-based. The sports aspect of it, which I'm sure almost every other major school has at the top of the list, came in 5th for student athletes in their process of choosing BYU. There are many other things I could share from the fireside, but that would just be an awfully long blog to read! I'm grateful that I have the privilege of being able to attend one of BYU's sister institutions, BYU-Idaho. In my mind, it is the same....just in a different state and you can't wear shorts to class. (Sigh) However, the Lord knows I am needed there at this time and I will benefit greatly from the experience. In conclusion, I saved the least important topic: COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!! And with that, good night to you all!

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  1. Very thoughtful thoughts, son. And you'll survive the no-shorts rule. I'm confident.